Opening the Heart of Jericho

looking backwards (documenting) and forwards (suggesting)…

how to make community conscious, creatively

Welcome! This is the online archive for Opening the Heart of Jericho, a project which ran throughout the summer of 2011 in Oxford’s historic community of Jericho.

Click on the list of ‘chapter headings’ above the picture of Grantham House for stories from the project.

You can download the booklet for Opening the Heart of Jericho documenting the project and offering ideas for how to do something similar in your own community.

In ‘bits and pieces‘ I’ve posted links to some other materials made specifically for this project.

Click here to see the film of Pat, Winnie, Alice and Ann talking about their memories – with many thanks to Xanna Ward-Dixon.

You can also contact at uninvisible71 at for more information, or to request a presentation about making community conscious creatively.

Thank you for visiting the archive.



bits and pieces

The core materials used in this project were community and communication – the networking through conversation, the relationships that we built with each other and that I called on for support in making the work… But I also made some particular materials:

Bookmarks for everyone who came to the bench re-dedication:

Mary’s bench re-dedication.pdf

Slides for a presentation I gave to some children at St Barnabas primary school, in which I told the story of a project like a kind of detective story…

st barnabas sch talk sept2011

Flier for the presentation at St Barnabas school:

st barnabas sch talk sept2011.pdf

Fliers for the dialogue event:

dialogue event flyer 2.pdf

Question cards for the dialogue event:

bench question cards.pdf